Outpatient Rehabilitation Network


op rehab

University Medical Center of Princeton's Outpatient Rehabilitation Network offers therapeutic and rehabilitative services that are designed to reduce discomfort or pain caused by an illness or injury and restore function. 

As a patient, you will be cared for by an experienced staff with a focus on providing individualized care.

  • Your therapist conducts an initial evaluation, uses the results to develop an individualized plan of care, and communicates with your physician about your progress
  • A goal-oriented program is developed to help you return to daily activities, sports and/or work
  • Your treatment progresses based on your level of pain and tolerance to therapy
  • You will learn home exercises and self-care techniques throughout your course of care
  • Treatment emphasizes achieving exceptional outcomes


For more information about the Outpatient Rehabilitation Network, call 1.609.853.7840 or click on the following links: