Family Involvement

CEDC - Family InvolvementWhen a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, it’s a stressful and painful time for everyone, including family and friends. Sometimes communication can be difficult and it’s hard to know what to say. We consider families as a vital resource in recovery and we help guide family members in taking an active part in the recovery process. We also accommodate schedule and travel considerations if needed.

Families participate in the following groups:

Family Therapy

Our dedicated treatment team works with patients and their families to identify the role family members can play in recovery. This may involve parents, siblings, spouses/partners, friends and other loved ones who may help support the recovery process. We do our best to schedule family therapy at each family’s convenience, Monday through Friday, during days or evenings.

Multifamily Group

This inpatient group session provides a unique opportunity for family members to learn about issues related to eating disorders and to seek support from other families, contributing to a better understanding of the healing and recovery process. These sessions are held on Saturdays.