Nutrition Counseling

CEDC - Nutrional CounselingOur program offers a wide range of nutrition therapy services designed to help patients develop healthier relationships with food.

We integrate nutrition into our daily activities in many ways, including:

  • Individual nutritional counseling and meal planning
  • Education groups on topics like awareness of hunger and fullness cues, intuitive eating, vitamins and minerals, food rituals, fad dieting, media influences and medical consequences of disordered eating
  • Mealtime support during every meal and snack, with staff members present to promote a relaxing atmosphere and decrease anxiety associated with eating
  • Weekend planning groups to help patients address eating outside of the hospital
  • Weekly cooking groups to encourage patients to actively participate in meeting their nutritional needs
  • Weekly cafeteria visits to enable patients to experience mealtimes with staff in a less structured social setting
  • Theme-based events such as movie day, ice cream parties and take-out meals to help patients normalize eating and enjoy the social aspects of eating