Partial Hospital Program

CEDC - group room

Quote: "My daughter  has regained her weight, re-established her health and, most importantly, found her voice. She is starting to love life again and it shows in her eyes, her voice, her words.  We are so grateful.”  – Anonymous Parent

Our Partial Hospital Program provides the same comprehensive services as our Inpatient Program, but on a graduated, outpatient schedule.

Patients typically start out attending the Partial Hospital Program Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., where they participate in the same group activities as inpatients. Patients meet one to three times each week with a master’s or doctoral level therapist. They also participate in group psychotherapy with other patients, as well as family therapy, which helps loved ones to better understand how they can support the recovery process.

On the days that they attend the program, patients in our Partial Hospital Program receive mealtime and nutritional support provided by our professional staff. As recovery progresses, their time spent in the program is generally tapered down, with treatment plans and therapy sessions individualized to meet each patient’s particular needs.