Going Home

Being Discharged After the Birth

While individual circumstances may vary, you typically will be discharged after two nights if you had a vaginal birth and after three to four nights if you had a C-section. Early discharges can be discussed with your physician or midwife.

Before you are discharged you will be asked to attend a discharge and newborn care class. Unless medically necessary to stay with your newborn, all discharges home will occur at 11 a.m. on your day of discharge. We ask that you complete your child’s birth certificate worksheet as soon as possible, preferably by the night before discharge. We are committed to making sure your transition home is smooth and that you have the skills you need to feel confident when you bring your baby home.

Before your discharge, please have a car seat for your baby properly installed in your vehicle. To ensure the safety of your newborn, Princeton HealthCare System’s Community Education & Outreach Program provides free car seat safety checks by appointment (1.888.897.8979); we encourage you to take advantage of this complimentary service. Our maternity staff is not certified to inspect car seats. We appreciate your consideration in this matter.