Skin-to-Skin Care

At UMCP we are strong supporters of skin-to-skin care for mother and baby.


  • Helps your baby maintain their own body temperature
  • Increases restful sleep for your baby
  • Stimulates brain development
  • Stabilizes heart rate and breathing patterns
  • Increases a breast-feeding mother’s milk production
  • Improves parent/infant bonding

Immediately after delivery, your baby will be placed on your chest or abdomen. If he/she needs any special treatment, your baby will be placed on the warmer bed right next to yours. As soon as mom and baby are ready, the baby is placed on mom’s chest for skin-to-skin contact. When your baby is ready, he/she may search out the breast and begin breastfeeding. Our goal at UMCP is to have all infants participate in skin-to-skin care for at least one hour after birth, and all breastfeeding infants feeding within the first hour of life.

You may even be able to do skin-to-skin care in the operating room after a C-section if you desire. Immediately after birth your baby will be taken to a warmer bed in the operating room for initial stabilization. If you and your infant are stable, the baby will be brought back to you and placed on your chest, while your obstetrician finishes your surgery. The baby’s nurse will stay with you to be sure that you and baby are comfortable with the experience. When your surgery is complete, you and your infant will be transported to the recovery room.

Skin-to-skin contact is beneficial anytime. Newborn infants often have trouble maintaining their temperature. By holding your infant skin-to-skin, you can provide the warmth your infant needs. Holding your baby skin-to-skin will also help to increase your breast milk production, decrease fussiness/colic and improve infant’s sleep.