CT Scans


UMCPP's CT technology includes a state-of-the-art, 128-slice Inginuity CT Scanner that is located in the Emergency Department and is used for cardiac imaging, a 64-slice Brilliance CT scanner and a 16-slice scanner that are used for both routine and advanced imaging procedures. Physicians order a CT scan to obtain detailed images of internal tissues and bones to help them diagnose and treat patients.

UMCPP's CT technology offers patients the following advantages:

  • wide range of exams, including head, body and extremities CT and CTA; advanced imaging CTA cardiac and non-invasive CT cardiac scoring; CT-guided biopsy procedures; spiral CT scans
  • clear, detailed, high-quality images of the human body in seconds to reduce patient scan time and make exams faster and more pleasant.
  • unique radiation dose-reduction technology that minimizes radiation dosage amounts to patients -- especially valuable in pediatric care
  • fast, precise results that enable doctors to detect and treat disease in an early stage
  • 3D images that enhance diagnostics
  • A scan bed that comfortably accommodates larger patients

CT services are available at the Center for Testing & Treatment located in the main hospital building and the Outpatient Imaging Center in the Medical Arts Pavilion, which is adjacent to the hospital. Please click here for service locations. 

To schedule an appointment for an outpatient radiology procedure, please call 609.497.4040. For more information about UMCPP's Outpatient Imaging Center, please call 609.853.6700

Additional information about CT scans is available through our Online Health Encyclopedia or by visiting the Radiological Society of North America's website at www.rsna.org.