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Think Before You Ink

Session Dates
May 15, 2018  |  6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Event Type: General
Community Wellness at the
Hamilton Area YMCA John K. Rafferty Branch
1315 Whitehorse Mercerville Road, Suite 100, Conference Rooms A & B
Tattoos are more popular than ever; however, the FDA receives hundreds of adverse reports each year regarding unhygienic practices and equipment, infections from contaminated tattoo inks and allergies. Join Robyn B. Notterman, MD, FAAD, board certified dermatologist, for a discussion of what to ask the tattoo parlor before getting a tattoo, as well as complications, long-term effects, tattoos and aging, and the tattoo removal process. Dr. Notterman is a member of the Medical Staff of Princeton Health. 

Cost: Free
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