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NJ TRANSIT Emergency Response Procedures for Rail Safety

Session Dates
Apr 10, 2018  |  6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Event Type: For EMTs
Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center
Princeton North Shopping Center
1225 State Road

This is a pre-approved elective class for three CEUs conducted by NJ TRANSIT. The objective of this training is to provide all first responders with a basic overview of NJ TRANSIT’s Emergency Response Guidelines. The training includes a video of an actual passenger train emergency and a full response by Emergency Services, as well as an Emergency Response Guidelines PowerPoint presentation covering the following subjects:

  • A brief history of NJ TRANSIT
  • A system map of NJ TRANSIT
  • Safety awareness
  • Railroad response agencies
  • NIMS-ICS table
  • Train crews
  • From-the-ground-up familiarization
  • Tracks
  • NJ TRANSIT –- tunnel hazards
Cost: Free
Please provide the names of all attendees.