What's Happening

Total Control® Maintenance Class

Session Dates
Feb 11, 2020  |  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Event Type: General
Princeton Fitness & Wellness Center
Princeton North Shopping Center
1225 State Road - Studio 3
These drop-in classes are designed for women who previously participated in the seven-week Total Control® Pelvic Wellness Program for Women and would like to continue practicing the exercises they learned to improve the muscles of the Pelvic Pyramid. A trained Total Control® instructor will lead each class in a fun, relaxed environment that welcomes women of all ages, life stages and fitness levels. Come dressed and ready for mat, standing and ball exercises designed to target those deep core muscles and improve posture and bladder fitness.

If you haven’t participated in a Total Control® series and would like to learn more, visit www.princetonhcs.org/calendar and search keywords Total Control.

Please provide the names of all attendees.
$5 per person, per session. Payable at the door. Walk-ins welcome