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Virtual - Why is My Voice or Swallowing Different?

Session Dates
Jul 8, 2020  |  2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Event Type: Online Seminar
Virtually via Blue Jeans
***THE DAY BEFORE CLASS: registration will close AND the instructor will email participants a class invitation from Blue Jeans. Chrome is the preferred internet browser to view the class.

In life, many events and changes occur that can affect our voice, swallowing and speech. Vocal cords can become less elastic and larynx muscles can weaken, making it more difficult to communicate vocally or swallow safely. Join Susan Pattay, Speech-Language Pathologist and Board Certified Specialist in Swallowing/Swallowing Disorders, at the Princeton Voice and Swallowing Clinic- for this informative program explaining what can be done to improve these conditions.

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