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EMT Refresher Class: Section C - Trauma Assessment and Management

Session Dates
Jul 26, 2020  |  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Event Type: For EMTs
Community Wellness
731 Alexander Road
Suite 103


Station 1
Student shall correctly determine when and how to perform pediatric immobilization (commercial device, in car seat–intact and compromised)

Station 2 
Student shall properly perform:

  • Securing a trauma patient via standing backboard, using C-collar, spider straps, quick clips, cravats
  • Helmet removal
  • Securing, lifting and moving the adult and special population geriatric patient

Station 3
Student shall perform the correct management technique for:

  • Closed soft tissue injury (RICES), open soft tissue injury, open chest wound, open abdominal wound, impaled object, burns, tourniquets
  • Stabilizing injuries using rigid splints, air splint, vacuum splint, traction splint, MAST
Station 4
Student shall perform the correct technique and verbalize the correct indications for:

  • Spinal immobilization using a vest-style device and C-collar
  • Rapid extrication
Scenario Skills Evaluation
  • One shall be a pediatric patient and one shall be an adult patient
  • Team of two or three EMTs
  • Proper equipment and realistic scenario describing the circumstances of the patient’s injuries
  • Properly perform a complete patient assessment, including vital signs and HPI, to critically decide on appropriate patient management using O2 administration (proper device), airway adjuncts, splinting, bandaging and movement from a carrying device (i.e., stair chair, flexible stretcher, long board, vest-type device, scoop-style stretcher, etc.) to securing on a stretcher, and properly loading the patient into the ambulance.

Cost: $60.00
Must include EMT# and full date of birth. Please provide the names of all attendees.

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