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EMT Refresher Class: Section A - Airway Assessment and Management

Session Dates
Oct 4, 2020  |  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Event Type: For EMTs
Community Wellness at the
Hamilton Area YMCA John K. Rafferty Branch
1315 Whitehorse Mercerville Rd


Station 1
Student can identify proper application and use of:

  • Oral airway (adult, pediatric, infant patients)
  • Nasal airway (adult patients)
  • Suction airway (adult, pediatric, infant patients)
  • One-rescuer BVM ventilation (adult, pediatric, infant patients)

Station 2
Student can properly:

  • Place O2 cylinder into service (safely and without leaks)
  • Assist ALS with CPAP (apply device to patient’s face, connect circuit to CPAP generator)
  • Assist ALS by assembling the nebulizer, connecting to oxygen regulator, use of local protocols
  • Demonstrate use of nasal cannula, non-rebreather, simple and Venturi masks

Station 3
Student shall perform the following properly:

  • Size up scene, perform primary and secondary assessments, obtain vital signs
  • Prepare verbal and written patient care report

Scenario Skills Evaluation

  • One shall be a pediatric patient and one shall be an adult patient
  • Team of two or three EMTs
  • Proper equipment and realistic scenario describing the circumstances of the patient’s injury/illness

Cost: $60.00
Must include EMT# and full date of birth. Please provide the names of all attendees.

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