The 1919 Society: Planning Today

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The 1919 Society...

The 1919 Society recognizes and honors benefactors who have included Princeton HealthCare System in their charitable gift plans. Named in honor of the year in which Princeton Hospital was founded, the 1919 Society includes benefactors who have developed gift plans to benefit Princeton HealthCare System. Current recognition is provided by the Foundation for your deferred gifts, including named space for large planned gifts. For more information about the 1919 Society contact the Foundation at 609-252-8710. 

Including Princeton HealthCare System in Your Estate Plans:

Benefactors can leave a significant gift of cash, tangible property, or other assets by making a special provision for Princeton HealthCare System in their wills. Estate gifts can provide donors and their families with significant tax benefits while ensuring the strength of Princeton HealthCare System for children and loved ones. More information on making a gift in your will can be found in the Gift Planning Section of the Foundation Gift Page .

Creating a Charitable Trust to Benefit Princeton HealthCare System:

Benefactors can create a charitable trust for the benefit of Princeton HealthCare System that can both achieve financial planning goals and provide significant tax benefits. There is a wide range of trusts and other methods available. For example, a charitable remainder trust can provide continuing retirement income for couples and help to convert long-held or low-yeilding assets with significant current tax benefits. More information on charitable trusts can be found in the Trusts Section of the Foundation Gift Page.