Center for Testing & Treatment

With an outstanding patient experience in mind, University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro's (UMCPP) Department of Imaging has outfitted its Center for Testing & Treatment with new, highly advanced imaging equipment and special attention to enhanced comfort and quality.

  • A new, open architecture MRI for comfortable, "nonclaustrophobic" imaging provides exceptional views of intricate body structures.3-D ultrasound technology that produces multiple-angle views of the anatomy with just one sweep of the wand.
  • Advanced CT imaging overlayed with real-time nuclear medicine studies for a comprehensive picture of cancer and other diseases.
  • The advanced pneumatic tube system-which can transfer samples in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes-links all areas of the hospital to the state-of-the-art lab, where crucial diagnoses can be made faster and more accurately in the new environment.
  • Expanded, automated state-of-the-art processing system for performing blood chemistry and immunology tests, improving results.

Those are just some of the innovative advancements that will be found at the Center for Testing & Treatment at UMCPP. All are key to delivering faster, more accurate diagnoses and treatments to patients, which are critical to better outcomes.